Incorporating Multicultural Communities in Small Businesses



oday in big 2021, some of the most talked-about topics and highly debated elements are of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. This inclusion and diversity obviously stem from incorporating various multicultural communities in businesses. While the large-scaled businesses are progressing their inclusion strategies, small businesses, too, have to step up and level up their game to succeed in the industry.

Increasing Diversity in Business World

To understand the workplace with utmost efficiency, businesses need to learn how essential it is to incorporate diversity in their respective settings. This will not just aid in building their workforce internally but also do wonders in providing them with higher revenue as a result of heightened productivity. This fact is further strengthened by this report that companies that have a diverse workforce tend to benefits around 2.3 times more cash flow per employee.

It is said that by the year 2044, groups that were formally known as minorities will progress and reach the level of majority status in the workplace. These statistics and more are a clear indication of the journey in multicultural communities being welcomed. However, there is a long way to go. Down below are some reasons why small businesses can benefit from the inclusion of multicultural communities.

What is Multiculturalism?

To understand the impotence of multiculturalism properly, it is crucial to first be able to grip what it is. In the corporate world, multiculturalism is a concept that refers to the idea that individuals of different racial groups and cultures can enjoy equal opportunities and rights. That, while ensuring that they are not marginalized in any way possible.

Multicultural Communities and Small Businesses

The best thing about diversity is that companies and organizations all over the world can benefit both in the domain of profits and in the HR world as well. To make the importance of multicultural communities more into the limelight, down below, we have some of how such communities can benefit workplaces.

An easy example of marginalized individuals s that only 1% of fortune 50 companies have African American CEOs. It is also known that nearly half of people notice a double standard against women candidates.

1. Productivity Boost

To start with the most applicable benefit gained, there is the boost in productivity. So, how does incorporating different communities help in creating heightened productivity in an organization? This stems when people in an organization have a good relationship with each other. With good relationships, employees feel that they can be more productive and can be much more responsive in their work.

For those small businesses that are looking for avenues to create a loyal staff of workers, diversity can diversify the network as well. With this expansion of cultures, individuals will find it better and more convenient to interact and thus form strong relationships.

2. Expanded Pool of Employees

For small businesses, the aim is to conveniently attain a huge pool of potential employees that can help them build their business up from scratch and turn it into a huge and successful company. By embracing multicultural communities, small businesses will be much more able to pick different employees from different backgrounds with a wide variety of career experiences.

With businesses already looking hard for potential employees, this can be a plus one as they will have a wide range of options available. With sales revenue increasing by 15-fold among companies with high racial diversity, it is clear that the inclusion of multicultural communities can result in increased profits from a wide pool of employees.

3. Competitive Advantage

For small businesses, it is crucial to ensure that they have a competitive advantage in the industry. This competitive advantage can provide a small business with the edge they require to stand out from the crowd. This should be especially considered when there is the concept of international trading in the pictures.

Small businesses that plan on going for international trading options can benefit from the inclusion of multicultural communities. Employees and workers belongings to different cultural and racial backgrounds will find it convenient to communicate with people from different areas. Moreover, their area of expertise will also be widened. With people from various cultures in one workplace, they will be adapting to the clients' and organizations' needs with much more ease.

 Challenges for Inclusion and Diversity

There can be tons of challenges that small businesses might face while incorporating employees from different cultural backgrounds.

· First and foremost, there is the most common issue of hindrances in communication. Moreover, individuals might find it difficult to navigate the professional etiquettes of different environments.

· Another trouble that poses to be a challenge with inclusion and diversity is that individuals from different cultures might be used to tackling different complications with different outlooks. Hence, this can create chaos in professional settings.

· Getting all the employees on one page can be quite a chore for managers and hence can cause trouble in the smooth inclusion of different cultures in one team. From negative stereotypes to communication issues, this can be quite a daunting task for managers.

· An issue with inclusion and diversity is that there is always the presence of hostility because humans tend to act upon biases and stereotypes they have ingrained in their minds. With diversity training right from the beginning, small businesses can tackle these challenges with ease.

· The process of decision-making can be slower as well since there will be a bunch of opinions provided by individuals from different communities. To tackle this with ease, small businesses can hire managers who would be well-versed in conflict solving and decision-making processes.


From discrimination to challenges in communication, there is a lot that small businesses might have to tackle to cater to their diverse workforce. With the right strategies set in place, it is said that organizations that have above-average gender diversity and above-average levels of employee engagement outperform companies with below-average diversity and engagement by 46% to 58%.

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